Programmvorschläge für das Japanische Fernsehen

Im Mai 2008, bekam Martyn van den Hoek die Möglichkeit für das japanische Fernsehen Programvorschläge mit Bezug auf “Auge und Ohr” vorzuschlagen. Hier ein Auszug:

I hope that this draught shows to you what I think still can be done to create a new audience for tomorrow’s concerts…

“Music is something beyond words, many people think! I believe that just a few well chosen words before listening or (in my case) playing a piece of music can be the perfect introduction to it.”

And that is exactly what pianist Martyn van den Hoek does: introduce the listener to the meaning of a composition but then, have him/her enjoy it independently, without fear or favor fot understanding or not.

Martyn van den Hoek speaks six languages more or less fluently, among them Japanese. Previous TV shows he made in Holland, showed his abilities to both entertain and inform people, meditate or casually talk about music, creating an atmosphere of “profound ease”…

TV is an important mediator that helps easy understanding of the classics by connecting every day experiences to it. Also, picture and music, “Eye and Ear” work together. I would like to propose programs on these values such as:

  • Travel and Classic
  • Literature and Classic
  • Astrology and Classic
  • Language and Classic
  • Business and Classic
  • Mythology and Classic etc.