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Martyn van den Hoek (186)
Martyn van den Hoek—A pianist opening
doors for you

Today, new doors may open for you. Behind these: always new musical experiences, fresh inspiration and connections to music. Martyn van den Hoek has been dedicating his life to learn how to communicate to his auditors by the musical language. Hundreds of partly forgotten compositions enable him to open doors for the listeners: hearing experiences multiply and enrich us. Enriching his performances, Martyn van den Hoek too comments live on his programs. The pianist uprates his concerts with verbal virtuosity, knowledge and wit, without taking the auditor’s own imagination. The integration of all known arts, from dance to science, contribute to a lively and exiting experience for the listener, hoping that the newly opened doors won’t ever close…

Saturday September18th 2021, 6 pm “Quo Vadis Concert in Fittnes Club”, Canovagasse 7/3, 1010 Vienna,

Saturday Oktober 2nd 2021, 4 pm in HUGO WOLF-MUSEUM, Brunner Gasse 26, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Sunday Oktober 10th 2021 in Schiedam, the Netherlands,