The Visions of Franz Liszt

The Visions of Franz Liszt "The Darkness", Martyn van den Hoek - Pianist
The Visions of Franz Liszt „The Darkness“, Martyn van den Hoek – Pianist

The Visions of Franz Liszt      

Under this title, three recordings will be released in 2011. Volume 1 „The Darkness“  wants to focus on the many dark and gloomy sides of his personality. Not that he lived under dark circumstances, far from that, he enjoyed all the once-in-a-lifetime experiences life offered to him generously. As a  child Franz Liszt was not endowed with strong health. Days spent in bed,awake, are good premises for developing thoughts, often enhanced by literature. Often, profound reflections on life and  death give way to religious feelings..

Todtentanz, Dante Sonate, Funerailles, Elegie nr. 2, Unstern en „dem Andenken Petöfis“ are the pieces I chose to express Franz Liszt’s gloom and apocalyptic visions, but, as the pieces unfold,  also bring out hope for life. 

Volume 2 of the Visions of Franz Liszt will be named „The Brightness“, for obvious reasons. After the darkness, who would not  love the bright side of life ? It will be released by mid June 2011.

Volume 3 will be a red one,“The Passionate“, released by mid November 2011.