Martyn van den Hoek (1954) and contemporary (Dutch) music

During his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Martyn van den Hoek increasingly became aware of the trouble communicating contemporary music to an audience.

He first got in touch with contemporary music while studying composition with Theo Loevendie, who was bound to start his great career as a composer soon.

The creative impulses resulting from these studies left their strong influences on his work as a pianist and teacher.

Even today, after more than 30 years, mostly in foreign countries, experience teaches us that contemporary music is still difficult to find listeners for. At the same time, it is a name card of a country too! Musicians like van den Hoek really try to convincingly promote their culture. His outspoken profile as a performer makes it possible to bring listeners on the track of ” new Hearings”.

Activities thusfar promoting Dutch contemporary music:

1986 – 2000

Professorships at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien and, later, Konservatorium der Stadt Wien.

Students and collueges were easily informed about Dutch contemporary music

1987 – 2007

Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Philipines

Soloprograms with contemporary music

1995 –

Annual lectures and workshops on Dutch contemporary music at Capmount

Los Angeles, Cal SDtate University, Georsia State University, Tulane University New Orleans


Nagoya, Japan: Dutch contemporary music in concert

Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by . Tai Iimori, Soloist Martyn van den Hoek
Program: Wagenaar, Badings, Schat (Etudes voor Piano en Orkest)

This concert was organized by Martyn van den Hoek without the help of the Dutch “Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten”.
The reason for not sponsoring was the one-sidedness of the program. Japan is a rather conservative country, to find sponsors for contemporary music performances is almost impossible. Martyn van den Hoek took the responsibility for possible financial losses.

1996 –

Van den Hoek organizes the 1.”Musik Zentral in Bad Aussee”

Musik Zentral in Bad Aussee Logo

Covering two weeks , young musicians from all over the world come to Austria to learn about the many aspects contributing to the process of developing into an interesting musician. Of course, contemporary music plays an important role in the curriculum. Solo-, chamber- and orchestra concerts round of the Festival

It took seven years before Martyn van den Hoek got a humble grant. But, after 12 years, officials and businessmen alike know where to find him.
But still, Martyn van den Hoek is responsible for the financial capacity. Deficits must be covered by him. However, he loves this time consuming labour, still being able to practice his 6 to 7 hours daily.


CD recordings Peter Schats Etudes voor piano en orkest.

2001 –

Begins his post as a professor at the Pianodepartment of the University of Utrecht.

International students in Vienna, Japan, USA, China, Korea and the EU, are being screend by him ,
and, after admission, study with him. The broad spectrum of the curriculum, based on the reality of finding work as a musician later is also connected to developing highest perfection in making music on a international level. Out of love for his profession and the good feeling to having had chances many other gifted may not have, Martyn van den Hoek , without reimbursements for expenses, travels from Vienna to Utrecht every two weeks

2005 –

The Dutch Ambassador in Vienna H. Ex. Herr J.J de Visser, initiated a series of concerts at his residence, the former Villa of Richard Strauss.

Young musicians living and studying in Vienna as well as establshed musicians qualify for invitations through participating in the Residence Competition, annually held in cooperation with the University of Music in Vienna. The artistic organization is in the hands of Martyn van den Hoek. He compiles the programs, of which 25% should be works of Dutch composers. The scores of these works are not always easily accessible, therefore the Library of the University of Utrecht and the ” Centrum Nederlandse Muziek ” in Amsterdam provide these.

Martyn van den Hoek’s networks and his professional insights plus an everlasting idealism make it possible to maintain this marvellous series. An annual Cd, with highlights of the season is the token of the succes of these series, a prove that contemporary music can be communicated to an audience if you want…


The concept of ” Musik Zentral in Bad Aussee” is performed in Berlin for the first time.



Mr. Takamichi Yamazaki, manager


Mr. David Korthals Altes


Mr. Berend van Gorkom


Hong Kong Foundation of the Arts, Mr. David Gwylth


His Ex. Ambassador i.R. Theo Arnold


Künstleragentur Raab; Nederlandse Ambassade afd. PCD; ORF, Dr. Leopold Mayer; Universität für Musik


His Ex. Ambassador Radink van Vollenhoven; Mr. Josef Chung (Wien)

Bad Aussee

Mag. Sieglinde Köberl, Kulturreferentin; Mag. Franz Voves, Landeshauptmann der Steiermark


Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, TROS Radio, VPRO Television
Impuls Management Amsterdam. Hans Roelofsen, Bussum.


Dr. Robert Ward; Pasadena, California


Dr. Volker Rohleder, Berlin