23 april 2009

This year, the Netherlands and Japan celebrate 400 years of trade-relationships. Martyn van den Hoek designed an interesting CD-project, based on an imaginary sail from Amsterdam anno 1600, along the coasts of Europe, Afrika, crossing the Indian Ocean, finally arriving in Japan. Using the latest Kawai MP8 II digital piano, this voyage is literally acoustically accompanied by the sounds of the past.  Music from the 17th century is performed on early baroque organs, using meantone tuning, Mozarts early music on a Flemish cembalo using Werkmeister3 tuning, Compositions from the 19th/20th century are interpreted on possibly historical instruments, even using the materials of those days, such as hard hammers or iron bass strings. 

In addition, Martyn improvises his own music.  As we leave Europe, Far-eastern ” illusion” music sounds between the pieces, rounding Cape good Hope, we hear fading Western music between in. 

This Cd may mark another chapter of music making for both Martyn and Tomiko!