This year, the Netherlands and japan commemorate 400 years trade relationships.  Martyn van den Hoek designed a spectacular CD prject, based on an imaginary sail from  Amsterdam anno 1600, along the coasts of Europe and Africa, finally arriving in Japan. Using the newest  Kawai MP 8 II digital piano , this voyage is acoustically illustrated with the sounds of the past. 

Music from the early 17th century is perfromed on an early baroque organ, tuned in meantone. Mozarts early compositions are played on a flemish cembalo, tuned in so called Werkmeister 3 tuning. Compositions from the 19th and 20th century are performed on historical pianos, even using the materials of those days, such as hard leather hammers or iron-spun bass strings.

Additionally Martyn improvises his own inventions. While sailing along the European coasts, Far-Eastern “illusion” music is created, while crossing the Indian Ocean, “echoing” western music seems to fade.

This CD marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ´careers of both Marty  and Tomiko. Date of release will be May 10th. National trade delegations will hand out  this Cd as a present during official visits to Japan in 200